Codex Gamicus
Developer(s) Team17
Publisher(s) Ocean
Release date 1995 (NA)
Genre Turn-based strategy
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Sega Genesis, Amiga, Game Gear, Sega Master System, SNES, PC, Atari Jaguar
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Bazooka: This is the first weapon a worm has when the turn starts. Able to be fired in a straight line only, affected by the wind speed and direction. Explodes on impact. Max damage, 50 points.

Grenade: A timed grenade that can be tossed in any direction. Player is able to set the timer from 1–5 seconds. Max damage, 50 points.

Cluster bomb: A bomb shaped like a grenade but explodes into little clusters which scatter over the terrain. Max damage, 55 points.

Mine: Proximity mine that can be dropped anywhere. When a worm nears it, it explodes. (in Worms Reinforcements, a 3 second timer begins a countdown to explosion.) Max damage, 45 points.

Banana Bomb: Same characteristics of the cluster bomb only with bananas that are much more powerful and with better range on bouncing. Max damage, 150 points.

Shotgun: The only weapon that can be fired twice in each round. A worm will lose its second shot if it hurts itself on the first. Max damage, 25 points per shot.

Uzi: Creates an erratic spray of bullets when aimed at a worm. Great for clearing off terrain underneath a worm, but not very useful for killing. Max damage, 40 points.

Dynamite: Limited supply of dynamite in most games but it packs an explosive punch. Can only be dropped next to a player, not thrown. Max damage, 75 points.

Sheep: An animal which looks harmless but explodes with great force when the player presses the button. Max damage, 70 points.

Homing Missile: Same weapon as the bazooka, but a cursor is used to identify the target. Missile is launched from the worm and then uses tracking to navigate to its target. Inaccurate if launched incorrectly. Max damage, 50 points.

Airstrike: Can be launched from anywhere in the level. Cursor is used to paint a specific location which is then bombarded with 5 missiles that fall from the sky. Max damage, 50 points.

Girder: An engineering weapon. Allows the worm to place a horizontal or vertical platform anywhere above the terrain.

Blowtorch: An engineering weapon. It can be used to burn other worms or burn a tunnel into the terrain. Max damage, 5 points.

Fire Punch: A vertical melee attack that cuts through terrain. Max damage, 30 points.

Dragon Ball: A horizontal, short-ranged melee attack. Max damage, 30 points.

Kamikaze: The worm sacrifices its own life but if aimed correctly, can take out another player. In later games the worm would shout "For king and country!" before doing so.

White Flag: Causes your team to surrender.

Rope: Allows a worm to climb and rappel around the terrain. While on the rope, a worm can drop dynamite or other weapons. Using the rope does not end your turn until you use a weapon.

Transporter: Allows worms to move instantly to any desired place on the terrain. The turn ends immediately after the transport.

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