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WarioWare Inc: Mega Party Game$ is a multi-player GameCube version of the Game Boy Advance game WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$. It uses many of the same games found in the GBA version, though frames them in several different unique & competitive (One co-operative) games. There are only a handful of new microgames, mostly those that allow up to 4-player simultaneous play.

You can use a link cable to connect your Game Boy Advance to the GameCube in case you want to use the GBA as the controller.


The core gameplay is untouched from other versions. Tiny, 4 second-or-less games are thrown at you with only a quick title. Using only that hint, what you see on the screen, and your instincts on gaming, you have to figure out what to do & how to do it.

For example, you may see a bar on the right going up & down and a crude stick figure standing before a wooden board. The goal in this particular minigame is to stop the bar near the top with the A button and have the figure chop the board. Or maybe you'll find a screen taken straight from the original Metroid, with Samus standing before the Mother Brain. Here, the goal would be to jam the A button until Mother Brain is destroyed.

After completing one microgame, you usually move on to the next, until the round is done. The games come at you faster and the time limit becomes shorter as you move on. If you lose too many times, well, you lose the whole game.

But things work differently in multiplayer depending on what game you're playing. Each game is represented by a character from the WarioWare series. Wario, Jimmy, Mona, 9-Volt and the rest are selected to determine which game to play. Some will have each of the 4 players playing microgames in a set order. Others may have them playing at random, with the losers being able to distract them by moving across the screen. One game in particular is actually co-operative, with the other players controlling spotlights to light up the screen for the player.


The graphics in the game are simple and 2D. Each minigame has a unique variety of styles and visuals. Some are purposely low quality and primitive to mimic the NES and even the Virtual Boy. Others use real photographs as sprites.

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