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Wario Land: Shake It (Wario Land: The Shake Dimension in Europe and Australia and Wario Land Shake in Japan) is a platform game for the Wii.


The sequel to Wario Land 4 is Shake It!; it will not be in 3D graphics but in a classic 2D format. Players will hold the Wiimote sideways, making it easier to control Wario. There are many new moves implanted into the game such as shaking the Wiimote to release coins out of a bag or causing earthquakes to stun enemies. Wario's goal is to free the many merfles trapped in each stage in the world of Yuretopia, the "Shake Dimension", where Captain Syrup has sent him.


  • Rollandratl
  • Hot Roderick
  • Chortlebot
  • Bloomsday/Scumflower
  • Large Fry
  • Shake King