Water Temple

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Water Temple
in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
The Water Temple had four floors, which each behaved differently depending on what of three water levels the Temple was flooded to
Description A flooded subterranean temple with sandy floors and a central room that has a large tower in the middle.
Gameplay Gimmick Water level puzzles.
Boss Dark Link and Morpha
Enemies Stinger, Spike, Shellblade
Spoils Longshot, Heart Container
Overworld Location At the bottom of Lake Hylia
Completion Order Late in the game
Prerequisites Blue Tunic, Iron Boots, Hookshot, Gold Scale

The Water Temple is one of the more frustrating temples on the Ocarina of Time. Aside from being a pain in the ass to get into, the complicated water level puzzles were... complicated. You also had to follow Princess Ruto around. Many people claim that it was the best dungeon in Ocarina of Time, if only for the awesome boss, Morpha. Others found it frustrating and annoying, as the complex water level problems were unique to the area, and took some time to figure out.

The temple's item, the Longshot, was an upgrade on the Hookshot item. This was confusing, because the hookshot puzzles seemed unsolvable, and the player might try to figure out another way to solve them, not knowing that they couldn't solve them until they found the upgrade. It was also unfulfilling, as one of the great joys in The Legend of Zelda series is finding new items while dungeon crawling, but the upgrade didn't really mean much outside of the dungeon save for one or two optional puzzles.

The best part of the dungeon was probably the fight with Dark Link, the final boss of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, resurrected in this Temple as a miniboss. When Link entered a surreal seemingly-endless room with a mirror-like floor, he had to walk over a small island with a tree on it. Once he stepped off the island, his reflection was replaced with a shadow. The shadow leaped out of the water and fought Link. Not only was the battle initiated dramatically, it was fairly challenging; sometimes Link would swing his sword and Dark Link would jump up onto the blade and slash Link in the face. Dark Link would even sink into the floor and jump out of the reflection right behind Link.

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