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In gaming, a Weapon is an item that directly or indirectly affects the damage dealt to a character or enemy by a player. Weapons may be classed into one of four groups: Melee weapons, Spellcaster weapons, Ranged weapons, and Off-hand weapons

Melee weapons[]

These are weapons that allow the player to deal damage in close quarters combat with an enemy. Popular melee weapons include swords, axes, maces, and daggers, though this is not an exhaustive list.

Spellcaster weapons[]

These are weapons that allow a magic-casting class to damage an enemy with their magic, usually at long range. Depending on the weapon, they can either be classed as Ranged (such as wands), or Melee (such as Staves; while these assist with magic casting, they can still be used in some games as a last-ditch melee weapon).

Ranged weapons[]

These are weapons that excel at dealing damage from afar. Such weapons may include slings, bows, crossbows, longbows, and guns.

Off-hand weapons[]

While these are not weapons, some items in this category can be called upon to assist the character with performing certain actions, sometimes including dealing damage. Off-hand items may include shields, relics, tomes, or totems.