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A list of weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops.


Perk Name Cost/Upgrade Effect Pro Effect Skill Icon Pro Challenges
Lightweight Default/3000 Faster movement. No falling damage. [1]
  • Escape death 5 times after being wounded.
  • Get 15 melee kills.
  • Get 10 offense medals by killing enemies near their objectives.
Scavenger 2000/3000 Pick up ammo and lethal grenades from dead bodies. Extra mags when spawned and replenish tactical grenades (except Willy Pete smoke grenade). [2]
  • Resupply 150 times while using Scavenger.
  • Get 5 Lethal Grenade kills with a resupplied grenade.
  • Get 5 kills without dying, 5 times.
Ghost 2000/3000 Undetectable by Spy Planes. Undetectable by aircraft, infrared, and sentries. No red cross-hair or name when targeted. [3]
  • Destroy 1 Enemy Sentry Gun.
  • Shoot down 30 enemy killstreaks with any non-killstreak weapon.
  • Kill 20 enemies while their Spy plane is active.
Flak Jacket 2000/3000 Reduce explosive damage. Take significantly less fire damage and reset the fuse of enemy throwback grenades (frags). [4]
  • Survive 10 explosions
  • Throw back 5 enemy grenades.
  • Plant or disarm 10 bombs in Demolition, Search and Destroy, or Sabotage.
Hardline 2000/3000 One less kill for killstreaks. Allows player to randomly choose another reward from a Care Package once. [5]
  • Share 10 Care Packages with your Allies.
  • Earn 7 killstreaks in one match using Hardline.
  • Get 7 kills without dying in one match.
Tier 2 Perks
Perk Name Cost/Upgrade Effect Pro Effect Skill Icon Challenges
Hardened Default/3000 Increased bullet penetration. Increased damage to enemy killstreaks and reduced flinch when shot at. [6]
  • Get 10 penetration kills.
  • Shoot 200 bullets into enemy aircraft (Spy planes, Helicopters etc.).
  • Destroy a piece of equipment through a wall or object.
Scout 2000/3000 Hold breath longer when scoping. Switch weapons faster. [7]
  • Kill 50 enemies with your secondary weapon.
  • Get 30 Headshots
  • Get 50 'One Shot, one Kill' medals.
Steady Aim 2000/3000 Increased hip-fire accuracy. Faster ADS after sprinting and faster recover after knifing. [8]
  • Melee two enemies consecutively within 5 seconds.
  • Kill 100 enemies after sprinting.
  • Kill 150 enemies while hip firing.
Sleight Of Hand 2000/3000 Faster reload time. Faster ADS. (Except sniper rifles.) [9]
  • Get 150 Kills while aiming down sights.
  • Kill an enemy within 5 seconds of reloading 30 times.
  • Reload and finish off the enemy you wounded 10 times.
Warlord 2000/3000 Two primary weapon attachments (except underbarrel attachments). Carry one extra lethal and tactical grenade, except Willy Pete. [10]
  • Get 150 kills using a gun with two attachments.
  • Get 10 Frag or Semtex Kills
  • Get 1 Multi-kill with Frag or Semtex
Tier 3 Perks
Perk Name Cost/Upgrade Effect Pro Effect Skill Icon Challenges
Marathon 2000/3000 Increased sprint duration. Unlimited sprint. [11]
  • Sprint 26 Miles using Marathon.
  • Get the First Blood Medal 10 times.
  • In Capture the Flag, get the Flag Capture medal 15 times while using Marathon.
Ninja 2000/3000 Quiet movement (75%) Enemies will be heard louder. Player becomes completely silent. [12]
  • Get 150 kills with the suppressor attachment.
  • Earning 5 Backstabber Medals
  • Planting the bomb 10 times in Search and Destroy, Demolition, or Sabotage.
Second Chance 2000/3000 Survive lethal damage and use a pistol while downed. Cannot be revived. Increased bleed out time and teammates can revive you. [13]
  • Get 10 kills while in Second Chance.
  • Revenge — While in Second Chance, kill the enemy who downed you 5 times.
  • Headshot — Get 1 headshot kill while in Second chance.
Hacker 2000/3000 Detect enemy equipment. Receive and then sabotage enemy Care Packages and booby trap them, turn enemy equipment friendly and become invisible to Motion Sensors. [14]
  • Destroy 10 pieces of enemy equipment.
  • Get 25 kills with claymore or C4.
  • Kill 25 enemies within the range of your Motion Sensor/jammer.
Tactical Mask Default/3000 Immune to Nova Gas. Reduces the effects of enemy flashbangs and concussion grenades. Reveals position of a flashed or stunned enemy. [15]

Kill 20 enemies while they are affected by each of your: concussion grenades, flash grenades and Nova Gas.


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