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Wii Sports is a video game developed and Bandai published Sony Computer Entertainment Microsoft Studio Nintendo by. It came as a packed-in game during the launch of the Wii console making it the first game for the Wii.


Utilizing custom Mii avatars, Wii Sports makes full use of Nintendo's motion-sensing controller in five sports games:

  • Tennis (up to 4 players)
  • Bowling (Up to 4 with one remote or more)
  • Golf (Up to 4 with one remote or more)
  • Boxing (Up to 2 with 2 nunchuks)
  • Baseball (Up to 2)

If you are using a custom Mii, you can obtain stats to raise to change your status to "pro". This essentially ramps up the difficulty when playing against the computer. There are 5 total sports to play in Wii Sports:


Tennis is a simple and popular multi-player game. Players do not control the Miis movement, just their action. This makes winning the match about timing. To swing the racket, you swing the Wii Remote. Serving is done by swinging the Wii remote upwards, or just by pressing A, then swinging it like a racket. Minimal movement is required.

If you're playing with less than 4 people, then players will control both Miis at the same time.


Players take turns bowling. First, you position your Mii's angle and position with the D-pad. Holding down the 'B' trigger, you start with the Wii remote in a vertical, upwards position, much like a normal bowling starting position. Then, you slowly rear the remote backwards, and then at the right moment, swing it forward and release the 'B' trigger. The speed at which you swing the remote, as well as your timing, determines how your bowling ball moves down the alley. You can also tilt the Wii remote to add some spin.

You are able to accidentally let the ball fly back behind you, and if you're good enough, even into other lanes.


A nine hole course for up to four players. Players can also choose between the front, middle, or back three holes. Select your club using the D-Pad up and down and align your shot by pressing left and right. Take practice swings by swinging the controller like a golf club. The power of the swing is determined by how hard the controller is swung and how far the player follows through. Hitting too hard will cause the ball to slice in a random direction. When you are ready hold 'A' and swing. When your approaching the green you can press the '1' button to better see the terrain.


This is a two-player only game, and is the only one that requires the Wii Nunchuk attachment. The nunchuk controls the left hand, while the remote controls the right hand. You can tilt both to the left, right, or backwards to dodge. Tilting the remote and swinging it in a semi-circle can hook your punches.

Knockouts are obtained by eliminating the lifebar (Really a pie) of the opponent. Three knockouts creates a TKO, and an automatic win. When a player is knocked out, they can do nothing except wait for them to get up.


In multiplayer baseball, one player is the pitcher, while the other bats. Using the D-pad, the pitcher can switch pitching styles, such as fastballs and curveballs. Most hits end up being home runs, though it is possible to foul, or only get to first, second or third base.

Beta Version[]

Very early in development, Mario characters were used instead of Miis. Miis also had a different design when they were first introduced. In the E3 2006 demo, Wii Sports included an aeroplane sport. The objective was to pass through as many rings as possible in the time limit. It was cut from the final game, but did make an appearance in Wii Sports Resort.





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