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Wii Sports Resort is a video game released in 2009 with the use of the Wii Motion Plus. It is the first to make use of this technology, smoothing the motion of the controller.


There are twelve sports in Wii Sports Resort. Below are the list of the sports available to play.

The Sports in the Game[]

  • Swordplay (Match, Speed Slice, and Showdown)
  • Wakeboarding (Beginner, Intermediate, and Hard)
  • Frisbee (Dog and Golf)
  • Archery (Beginner, Intermediate, and Hard)
  • Basketball (3-Point Contest, Pickup Game)
  • Table Tennis (Return Challenge, Match)
  • Bowling (10-Pin Challenge, 100-Pin Challenge)
  • Golf (Beginner, Intermediate, Hard)
  • Power Cruising (Beginner, Intermediate, Hard)
  • Canoeing (Time Challenge, Versus)
  • Cycling (Road Race, Versus)
  • Air Sports (Sky Diving, Island Flyover, Dogfight)


With the Wii Motion Plus in this game, players can do many things they can't do in the first Wii Sports.

Players can fly in an airplane, fight with a sword, and do water sports. The game takes place on Wuhu Island, a Mii island where Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus take place.

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