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Windows/386 is a graphical operating system shell released by Microsoft Corporation on December 9, 1987. The shell sits on top of an existing MS-DOS installation. Windows/386 was complemented by Windows/286 and succeeded by Windows 3.0, although Windows/386 was originally intended to be an upgrade path to Microsoft OS/2. Support was officially discontinued on December 31, 2001. While the full potential of Windows/386 can only be realised on an Intel 80386, it does have fallback functionality to run on Intel 8086, 8088 or 80286 processors, effectively turning it into Windows/286.

Minimum Specifications[]

MS-DOS MS-DOS Minimum Specifications
Minimum Specifications
System Personal Computers using an Intel 80386 Processor, (including IBM Personal System/2, Model 80, Compaq Intel 80386-Based Personal Computers and Compatibles) or Equipped with an Intel Inboard 386/AT.
Operating System MS-DOS 3.30
CPU Intel-logo.svg 80386
Graphics IBM CGA, IBM EGA, IBM VGA, Hercules graphics card, or compatibles
Storage Hard disk with 2 MB free space
Floppy Disk Drive A low-density (720 KB) 3.5" or 1.20 MB 5.25" Floppy Disk Drive is required for Installation.