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LIM Cheat (all versions)[]

Pressing L, I, and M simultaneously at any time during gameplay will give you 100% health, 99 ammo, all weapons, and both keys (even if there are no keys in your current level). However, doing this will also reset your score to 0, and you will not be eligible for the high score list.

"Goobers" (V1.1+ only)[]

Start the game from the command line with the goobers option:

wolf3d -goobers

After doing this, press Left Alt, Left Shift, and Backspace simultaneously during gameplay. You should see a message, "Debugging keys are now available!" You can now use the following cheat codes:

  • Tab + C - Show statistics
  • Tab + E - Instantly ends current level
  • Tab + F - Show current coordinates
  • Tab + G - God mode
  • Tab + H - Player takes damage
  • Tab + I - Same effect as the LIM cheat
  • Tab + S - Slow motion
  • Tab + T - Show all game sprites
  • Tab + W - Warp to any map in current Episode (prompt)
  • Tab + N - No clipping (disabled on later game versions)

"Next" (V1.0 only)[]

Start the game from the command line with the next option:

wolf3d -next

After doing this, press Ctrl, Tab, and Enter simultaneously during gameplay. This will have the same effect as the goobers option in the newer versions of the game. However, V1.0 also includes a (buggy) "no clipping" cheat on Tab + N in addition to the codes listed above.