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World Championship Rugby is a computer and video game developed after the 2003 Rugby World Cup. It was developed by Swordfish Studios and published by Acclaim.

As well as all the teams and games from the 2003 Rugby World Cup, the game includes a number of other tournaments, such as Six Nations, Tri Nations, custom leagues and cups, classic matches and tour games. There is also a feature to beat the all- stars with every team in the game and a survival game. The only licensed teams in the game are England and Wales, however, included is a name editor that allows the fake player names to be changed.


Following England Rugby's success at the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia, Acclaim Entertainment International announced on November 23, 2003, that they will be releasing World Championship Rugby for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC in Europe the next year. It is a fun, fast-paced rugby game, with the emphasis on scoring lots of tries. Commentary is provided by Miles Harrison and Stuart Barnes.[1] It was also revealed that the United Kingdom based studio - Swordfish Studios was the team that was developing the game, the same studio that worked on the well received Jonah Lomu Rugby.

Larry Sparks, vice president of marketing at Acclaim Entertainment International, said "World Championship Rugby will set the new benchmark for rugby games. The same highly talented development team, still together under Swordfish Studios, was responsible for creating one of the greatest rugby games of all time. Since that original game the studio has received countless requests from gamers wanting a follow-up. I'm quite sure that fans of the original will be delighted to hear that the team is now committed to delivering the most compelling hard-hitting, highly playable rugby game for next-generation systems and PC. It will be a game that really delivers what they want - a game that's so real it hurts!"

Trevor Williams, managing director of Swordfish Studios, added; "It's great to be working with a publisher that genuinely shares our passion for the game, and we are really looking forward to working with them. We really enjoyed developing the original Jonah Lomu game; but with our cutting-edge technology, designing a rugby game for next-generation consoles is even more exciting. We are totally focused on ensuring World Championship Rugby delivers on our promise to give gamers and fans the best rugby game yet."

Game Modes[]

Friendly Match


  • World Championship (World Cup)
  • Euro Nations (Six Nations)
  • Three Nations (Tri Nations)
  • Tour
  • Custom League
  • Custom Cup


  • Classic Matches
  • Beat All-Stars
  • Survival - This is where you select a team and play continuous matches without losing. If you get up to 10 matches you will unlock the British Lions.

England and Wales Squads[]

England Squad:

  1. Jason Leonard
  2. Steve Thompson
  3. Phil Vickery
  4. Martin Johnson
  5. Ben Kay
  6. Richard Hill
  7. Neil Back
  8. Lawrence Dallaglio
  9. Matt Dawson
  10. Jonny Wilkinson
  11. Ben Cohen
  12. Mike Tindall
  13. Will Greenwood
  14. Jason Robinson
  15. Josh Lewsey

Substitutes: Dorian West, Danny Grewcock, Lewis Moody, Martin Corry, Kyran Bracken, Mike Catt, Iain Balshaw

Wales Squad:

  1. Iestyn Thomas
  2. Robin Mcbryde
  3. Adam Jones
  4. Gareth Llewellyn
  5. Robert Sidoli
  6. Dafydd Jones
  7. Colin Charvis
  8. Jonathan Thomas
  9. Dwayne Peel
  10. Stephen Jones
  11. Shane Williams
  12. Ieystn Harris
  13. Mark Taylor
  14. Craig Morgan
  15. Gareth Thomas

Teams Included In The Game[]

All of the teams included in the game, are the teams who participated in the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

  • Template:Flagicon Argentina
  • Template:Flagicon Australia
  • Template:Flagicon Canada
  • Template:Flagicon England
  • Template:Flagicon Fiji
  • Template:Flagicon France
  • Template:Flagicon Georgia
  • Template:Ru
  • Template:Flagicon Italy
  • Template:Flagicon Japan
  • Template:Flagicon Namibia
  • Template:Flagicon New Zealand
  • Template:Flagicon Romania
  • Template:Flagicon Samoa
  • Template:Flagicon Scotland
  • Template:Flagicon South Africa
  • Template:Flagicon Tonga
  • Template:Flagicon Uruguay
  • Template:Flagicon USA
  • Template:Flagicon Wales

Bonus Teams: (All of these teams will need to be unlocked)

  • All Stars - The All Stars are one of the best teams in the game, they simply feature the best players in the world. They include England players such as Martin Johnson, Jonny Wilkinson, Richard Hill and a few more. You will need to use the name editor though, to change some of the fake player names in the team. There is also a feature included to beat the All Stars with every team in the game.
  • Template:Flagicon British Lions
  • Swordfish - Team Swordfish contains a winger who is by far the fastest player in the game and an extremely large Inside Centre who is unstoppable to catch.
  • The Cougars - The Cougars are a Jonah Lomu lookalike super-team, every player on the team will run at roughly the same speed.

Classic Matches[]

The Classic Match mode begins with three already available Classic Matches, the rest each need to be unlocked to progress. Below are the matches: - (controlled team in bold)

  1. France vs New Zealand, 1999, 60 minutes played - 26-30
  2. Australia vs British Lions, 2001, 68 minutes played - 23-23
  3. New Zealand vs Japan, 1995, 40 minutes played - 70-7
  4. England vs Scotland, 2000, 74 minutes played - 10-19
  5. South Africa vs Australia, 2002, 45 minutes played - 21-9
  6. England vs New Zealand, 1995, 0 minutes played - 0-0
  7. England vs Australia, 2003, 80 minutes played - 14-14
  8. Australia vs England, 2003, 80 minutes played - 14-14
  9. Swordfish vs The Cougars, 2004, 0 minutes played - 0-0

Classic Match 1 - In a game where the French were leading 17-0, they find themselves trailing 26-30 going into the final quarter. Can you turn this breathtaking 2000 international encounter in France's favour by defeating the New Zealanders.

Classic Match 2 - It is the decisive third test of the British Lions 2001 tour of Australia. With 12 minutes left on the clock, the scores are tied at 23 each. It is up to you to prevent the Australians from winning the test and taking the series by leading the British onto victory.

Classic Match 3 - In New Zealand's record annihilation of Japan in the 1995 World Championship, their newcomer fly-half was shooting for his own piece of history. Already on 20 points after converting the first 10 tries, can you lead the New Zealand number 10 on to achieving a record 45 points in this one game?

Classic Match 4 - Can you lead England back from the brink of losing the Euro Nations by coming back with 6 minutes to go in this inaugural affair? In doing so, wipe out the memories of losing the year before in similar fashion to Wales.

Classic Match 5 - It is the last game of the 2002 Southern Hemisphere series. South Africa is on pace to defeat Australia, and in so doing, rip the title from Australian's hands and give it to New Zealand. Can you turn the Australian's fortunes around and win them their third Southern Hemisphere title in a row?

Classic Match 6 - A young New Zealand winger has just proved he is a budding star of World Rugby and in this 1995 World Championship Semi-Final is about to prove how lethal he can really be. Can you make him the star of the show and score four tries with him to knock out England?

Classic Match 7 - The two teams have given it their all in 80 minutes of pulsating action which has ended in a tie. It needs Extra-Time to decide who is going to take the World Championship. Can you lead Martin Johnson and his men to defeat Australia and take the glory?

Classic Match 8 - The two teams couldn't be separated in 80 minutes of tense action, so it's come down to Extra-Time to decide who is going to take the World Championship. Can you lead Australia to get over that final hurdle to defeat England to take the glory?

Swordfish vs The Cougars[]

This is the ninth and final classic match. In order to unlock it you need to win the World Championship. In 2004, Team Swordfish play The Cougars in the inaugural Gilbert Cup. The Cougars are a brash, new team who are young and fast and looking to take Swordfish's crown.

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