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This article is about the arcade game by Konami. For the martial arts competition, see World Combat League.

World Combat (Warzaid in Europe) is a military themed first-person light gun rail shooter. The arcade game comes in two types of cabinets, one for four players and one for two players. The game possesses many similarities to Namco's Time Crisis series, not the least of which is the ability of players to take cover at will. Each player character comes equipped with a large, portable metal shield that can block incoming projectiles. Unlike the Time Crisis games, however, this shield is not activated by a foot pedal, but rather by pointing the gun outside the screen (like many classic first-person rail shooters, shooting off-screen also reloads the player's weapon). The game also features a mechanic similar to Time Crisis's "Crisis Sighting," where most enemy projectiles miss the player harmlessly, but those that are an immediate threat slow down and are much larger than normal, giving the player a small window to react.

Though the game is cooperative, there are a few light competitive elements. For one, players start at a rank of Private Second Class and are allowed to ascend in ranks (all the way to Field Marshal) at the end of each mission depending on how well they play. The player with the highest rank (or score, if the ranks are equal) is called the "leader" and is awarded an extra life.

Each player takes control of a soldier involved in a massive conflict against an army of undead equipped with modern weaponry. The game features enemies such as rifle toting skeletons, tanks, jets, and helicopters. Weapons include a semi-automatic rifle, which the player starts with, a machine gun, and a rocket launcher.


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