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X-Men: The Official Game is Activision's tie-in video game to the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand. The game covers the events of the films X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand, specifically following the characters of Wolverine, Iceman, and Nightcrawler. It also bridges the gap between the two films, explaining why Nightcrawler is not present for The Last Stand, and also introduces new foes to the X-Men film canon, such as HYDRA. The game was released on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, developed by Z-Axis; Nintendo GameCube, ported by Hypnos; Microsoft Windows, ported by Beenox; Game Boy Advance, developed by WayForward Technologies; and Nintendo DS, developed by Amaze Entertainment.


Zak Penn and Chris Claremont co-wrote the story for the game. Penn is the co-writer of X-Men: The Last Stand, and Claremont was a longtime writer of the X-Men comic books, establishing the personae for many of the "new" X-Men team, which featured then new members Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Banshee, and Wolverine. Claremont is perhaps best known for the Dark Phoenix Saga. Together, the two have woven a tale that fits in between X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand continuity.



The story opens with "Logan" (known as Wolverine) taking out some anger issues on Jean Grey's death, depicted in the movie, X2. Wolverine wants to do a simulation of his battle with Sabretooth on top of the Statue of Liberty (as they fought in the first X-Men film) in the Danger Room, a technological marvel that can simulate realistic events using solid holograms.

After nearly being defeated by the simulation Sabretooth if not for the arrival of Iceman, Logan agrees to run Iceman's training program that the still-grieving Cyclops was supposed to run him through. Later, Professor Xavier asks the X-Men to return to Alkali Lake to retrieve irreplaceable parts to Cerebro. Nightcrawler is asked to infiltrate the remnants of William Stryker's base with his teleportation ability, since the weapons systems were somehow operational and are attacking the Blackbird. Once inside, he finds out that Stryker had a backup plan to destroy the mutants — mutant hunting robots called Sentinels.

Working together, Storm and Wolverine find an A.I. module for a Sentinel when agents of HYDRA (an organization of terrorists) arrive to take the remaining Sentinels to their own base. It is revealed that HYDRA had designed the robots for Stryker, but the current commander didn't want them activated. Inside the base, Wolverine discovers that HYDRA had employed one of his former adversaries — Lady Deathstrike, who was able to survive an apparent death in X2 after being pumped full of adamantium.

Nightcrawler and Colossus destroy the generators for Alkali Lake. Nightcrawler is then plagued by visions of a youthful, angry Jason Stryker, who continues to remind Nightcrawler that he left him to die. When Nightcrawler asks Xavier why this is happening to him, the Professor responds that there was likely some form of leftover psionic residue, and that it should be nothing to worry about. However, it is soon revealed that Jason is alive and well, and wants to continue his father's dream of seeing all mutants destroyed. The mentally unbalanced Jason escapes with agents of HYDRA, and the Master Mold.

After Lady Deathstrike knocks out Wolverine, she kidnaps Storm and locks her in a dark, compact container. Due to Storm's claustrophobia, she panics and creates a large hurricane. Logan and Deathstrike clash in the eye of the storm. During the battle, Logan manages to knock Deathstrike into the gale-force winds, giving him the chance to free Storm. Once loose, Storm immediately launches a stream of lightning at Deathstrike, knocking her unconscious; Logan then carries Storm away from the scene. Deathstrike eventually escapes the facility with the remnants of HYDRA, as well as the remaining Sentinels and the Master Mold. Wolverine tells Storm he is going to follow HYDRA, because Deathstrike is a small but necessary key to his past. He promises to return as he hitches a ride on Deathstrike's Tokyo-bound helicopter. Iceman, Storm, Colossus, and Nightcrawler return to the Institute in the X-Men's Blackbird jet, leaving Alkali Lake undisturbed once more.

Iceman is told to fight Pyro, who is threatening to destroy a nuclear reactor. Iceman arrives and battles his onetime friend, who is now a member of Magneto's Brotherhood, and is using his powers to create a giant Fire Serpent. Iceman has to defeat it to save the city, and he accomplishes this task. Pyro escapes and Iceman meets up with the rest of the team, after Xavier praises his skills in the battle.

Nightcrawler and Storm face off against one man who is many: James Madrox, the Multiple Man, a terrorist who robbed several banks and wants to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge using his army of duplicates. Nightcrawler defeats Multiple Man, and he is to go to a prison for high-powered mutant criminals. This storyline is somewhat picked up in X-Men: The Last Stand, when Magneto and his new Brotherhood free Multiple Man from the Prison Convoy.

Jason activates the Master Mold in Tokyo, causing the Sentinels to be activated. They begin to hunt down mutants, capturing them, and Iceman sets out to prevent this from happening, and destroys many of the Sentinels.

Wolverine infiltrates HYDRA's main base, and cuts through many of their forces. As the Silver Samurai consults Deathstrike about her feelings of dishonor (she felt disappointed and ashamed that Stryker was able to take control of her, using Jason's serum), Wolverine interrupts their discussion. Yuriko announces she'll handle Logan, and the Silver Samurai exits the Dojo. Clawing, ripping and slicing at each other, the parallel warriors escalate their fight to the second floor of the large arena. After some time, Wolverine gains the upper hand; after he slices at Yuriko with an intense combo, he lifts her up and throws her down to the first floor. She easily recovers from her wounds with her healing factor, and taunts Wolverine that he'll need to try harder. In response, Wolverine slices the rope suspending a large wooden platform; the large structure breaks through the floorboards, taking Deathstrike with it, stopping one level below, in a pile of dust and wreckage. However, it is later hinted by Professor Xavier, that Yuriko survived.

After Logan's triumph, he tracks the Silver Samurai to the roof of the facility; The Silver Samurai reveals that he is himself a mutant, and if Wolverine is able to honorably defeat him in combat, the two being great warriors, he will tell Logan how to defeat the Sentinels through the Master Mold. Silver Samurai uses his power to charge his sword with energy, letting it slice through nearly anything, and to channel energy blasts through it; however, Wolverine's claws prove to be superior. Conquering Samurai in combat, Wolverine emerges the winner, gains the information, and tells the team how to defeat Master Mold.

Xavier telepathically contacts Magneto, and asks him for help in facing the Sentinel forces. Magneto agrees to a final team-up, saying the next time, it will be as foes again. The X-Men, meanwhile, are attacked by new, towering Giant Sentinels, crashing the X-Jet and leaving Iceman to defeat the huge robots. Iceman wipes out these Sentinels, as Master Mold lurks in the distance. Magneto arrives and uses his powers of magnetism to crush the many Sentinels attacking the mutants. The temporary alliance over, Magneto sends Sabretooth (who has a healing factor, like Wolverine, and survived his fall from the Statue of Liberty) after a new recruit for his Brotherhood: Jason Stryker, whose mind control powers would be a great asset... if he can be convinced to stop hating his own kind.

Arriving inside the Master Mold, Nightcrawler must disable its control center, while he is aided by a different, nice apparition of Jason Stryker, who helps point the way through the maze of the Mold's body. When he arrives at the Master Mold's command center, he finds Jason, who hates the younger "ghost" Jason, a manifestation of his split psyche.

Wolverine arrives in the Master Mold, and Jason uses his powers to make Wolverine fight himself in a mental battle in the Weapon X Lab, to fight his own demons. Wolverine is victorious against a horde of himself, and he heads to Nightcrawler's location, in the Master Mold's head. Jason tries to get rid of Nightcrawler by entering his mind and trying to convince Kurt that he is not a mutant, but a real demon. Nightcrawler disables the Master Mold's neural net, changed by Jason to look like a demonic realm, complete with demons. Meanwhile, Iceman must destroy the Master Mold's core, so that it will be a useless machine. He takes care of it, and flees the core's destruction.

Sabretooth works his way to Wolverine and Nightcrawler's location, knocking Nightcrawler out and taking the wheelchair bound Jason, when Wolverine arrives and attacks his nemesis. The two have a vicious battle, ending with Logan throwing Sabretooth from a great height to be impaled below, and then leaving his rival to die. Jason dies in the battle, the good part of his psyche winning, and tells Nightcrawler it is okay for him to leave him this time.

With the Sentinels, Master Mold, and Jason out of the picture, the X-Men head home. Nightcrawler tells Xavier he does not want to be an X-Man, for their lives are too violent and he is a peaceful man. Xavier tells him he is always welcome in the Mansion, and Kurt leaves, explaining his absence in X-Men: The Last Stand. Xavier ponders what is in the future of the X-Men, and we go to Cyclops, who is tormented by images of Jean's home and hallucinations of her voice...


Players control the actions of several X-Men related characters, most notably Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Iceman, as they uncover a plot to eradicate mutants. Sometimes, another X-Man will help the player's character battle.


  • Wolverine's levels involve fighting hordes of soldiers, armed with weapons. He can retract his claws, but any time a button is pressed, they are extracted. Wolverine heals minor wounds, reflected as yellow on his Life Gauge, but when his minor wound damage empties, all wounds are considered major, taking off his actual life bar. If the player stands still and presses a game system-specific button, his life gauges refill until he begins moving. Wolverine can't target lock like his allies, he can only block, which can fend off weak attacks only until it is built up. Wolverine, after he has attacked impressively for a time, builds up a Fury Bar, which when activated increases his healing rate (It is like using his Healing Button, but faster and works when moving), and his Strength. It also changes his attacks' appearances.
  • Nightcrawler's levels involve mostly stealth missions, running along pipes in the ceiling, and teleporting. Nightcrawler can teleport to any area within his visual range. By pressing one button, he teleports to a spot with a blue flame, which is moved by looking in other directions. By pressing another, with an enemy is nearby, Nightcrawler will teleport behind the enemy. By doing this and pressing the two attack buttons, Nightcrawler will use combo techniques to vanquish minor foes. In boss fights, the player must teleport to the Sentinel's shoulder and wait for Mutant seeking floating machines to explode when nearby. Like Wolverine, Nightcrawler heals by holding down a button, only Nightcrawler constantly takes life gauge damage, and when he heals, it is called "Shadowmeld" or "Shadow Aura", a nod to the comic books (Nightcrawler becomes invisible in shadow). Like Wolverine, moving cancels Shadowmeld, and even though a clear version of himself, enemies can still clearly see his location and attack him. Nightcrawler can use the Target Lock to teleport behind and combo-attack several foes during a brawl.
  • Iceman's levels all take place at high speeds as he continuously rides on his trademark ice slide. Iceman creates an icy path in front of him, flying through the air while shooting his ice beam and ice projectiles. By pressing one button, he will do a 180 reverse. Another button makes Iceman slide faster, and another, slower. Iceman attacks are an Ice Beam, which cools off fires and damages foes; Frost Shield, which will cancel any damage he takes while it is "up" (it does no damage); and Hailstorm, which is his main attack, hurling several balls of ice at targets. Iceman will heal automatically as long as he doesn't incur damage for an amount of time. Using Target Lock will increase his attack power, although Target Lock will not automatically make Iceman use Freeze Beam and Hailstorm on those targets in most cases.


Playable characters[]

  • Wolverine
  • Nightcrawler
  • Iceman
  • Magneto (DS only)
  • Colossus (GBA only)


  • Sabretooth: The player faces Sabretooth in the game twice, the first during the training mission as Wolverine and the second also as Wolverine on the final mission of the game.
  • Lady Deathstrike: The player battles Lady Deathstrike twice; the first one is at Alkali Lake, as Wolverine, in a hurricane created by Storm, and the second time as Wolverine again in Japan, literally crushing her at the end of the mission.
  • Silver Samurai: The player fights Silver Samurai as Wolverine after defeating Lady Deathstrike the second time. The player faces him on the top of a building with teleporters he can use and an energy sword. Defeating him reveals how to shut down the Master Mold.
  • Pyro: The player fights Pyro as Iceman, who must put out the Fire Raptors Pyro is creating at the Nuclear Plant and destroy his fire serpent.
  • Multiple Man: The player fights Multiple Man as Nightcrawler (assisted by Storm for the first part) when he takes over Brooklyn Bridge, with plans to blow it up.
  • Jason Stryker:
  • Magneto:
  • Master Mold:
  • Sentinels
  • HYDRA Soldiers:
  • Azazel and the Neyaphem:
  • Juggernaut (GBA only): He is shown destroying generators at the Alkali Lake Facility.
  • X-23 (GBA only):
  • Mystique (GBA only):
  • Toad (GBA only):


  • Storm: The player is assisted by Storm in two missions: One in Alkali Lake with Wolverine, and the other on the Brooklyn Bridge with Nightcrawler. She has no health meter, and her lightning attack, once charged, can kill all villains on screen at the moment.
  • Colossus: The player is assisted by Colossus in one mission as Nightcrawler at Alkali lake, but must make sure he doesn't die in that mission or the one after that. He has no special attack move, but he is a good fighter and will help eliminate the villains (as long as his health isn't too low). He also appears as a playable character in the Game Boy Advance version.



X-Men: The Official Game was widely panned and called a "cash-in" to X-Men: The Last Stand by critics.[1]

On the consoles and PC, some of the problems cited were repetitive gameplay, poor enemy AI [2] and the fact that the Xbox 360 version looked similar to the other console versions despite the better hardware.[3]

As for the handhelds, the DS version was considered repetitive and hard to control,[4] and the GBA version, a by-the-book platformer.[5]

It was also noted as being rushed.[6]


X-Men: The Official Game uses several voice actors from the X-Men movie franchise. From the films, returning are Hugh Jackman, Alan Cumming, Shawn Ashmore, Patrick Stewart, Tyler Mane, and Eric Dane. Additionally, Stephen Stanton, though credited as an "additional voice," voicematched Hugh Jackman for much of the game.

Storm, Colossus, Deathstrike, Jason Stryker, Pyro, Magneto, Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, Beast and Jean Grey are not voiced by their film counterparts. However, Kim Mai Guest reprises her role of Kitty Pryde from X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse.

Voice cast[]

  • Professor X - Patrick Stewart
  • Wolverine - Hugh Jackman
  • Nightcrawler - Alan Cumming
  • Iceman - Shawn Ashmore
  • Sabretooth - Tyler Mane
  • Multiple Man - Eric Dane
  • Magneto - Dwight Schultz
  • Beast - Gregg Berger
  • Storm - Debra Wilson
  • Lady Deathstrike - Vyvan Pham
  • Pyro - Steve Van Wormer
  • Silver Samurai - Keone Young
  • Colossus - Brad Abrell
  • Cyclops - James Arnold Taylor
  • Jason Stryker - Steven Blum
  • Young Jason Stryker - Grey DeLisle
  • Jean Grey - Katherine Morgan
  • Kitty Pryde - Kim Mai Guest

Additional Voices by Brad Abrell, Dee Bradley Baker, Gregg Berger, Steven Blum, Grey DeLisle, Robin Atkin Downes, Dwight Schultz, Stephen Stanton, James Arnold Taylor, and Steve Van Wormer


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