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Xbox One
Basic Information
Home Console
Microsoft Corporation
Xbox 360
Xbox One X
PlayStation 4, Wii U
Technical Information
HDMI in, HDMI out
Xbox LIVE, Cloud storage, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
500 GiB Hard Drive
1 TiB Hard Drive
Supported Media
Xbox One Controller,Xbox One Elite Controller,Kinect 2
European Union European Release
November 222013
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release
November 222013
Japan Japanese Release
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The Xbox One is a home video game console developed by Microsoft as part of the eighth generation of video game consoles, competing with the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U, and the third console in the Xbox family. It was announced on May 21, 2013 as the successor to the Xbox 360 and is the first Xbox game console to be released in China, specifically in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone. Microsoft marketed the device as an "all-in-one entertainment system", which competed against other media players such as the Apple TV and Google TV platforms.

It was released on November 22, 2013 in North America, Australia, Brazil, and parts of Europe; September 2, 2014 for the rest of Europe; September 4, 2014 in Japan; and September 29, 2014 in China.

In August 2016, a redesigned model known as the Xbox One S was released. It has a streamlined design, and minor hardware upgrades which add support for 4K video playback and upscaling, and HDR10 high-dynamic-range color. A future hardware revision, the "Xbox One X", is scheduled for release in November 2017 for the United States and the United Kingdom. The Xbox One X will feature major hardware upgrades focused on 4K gameplay and support for virtual reality hardware, as well as backward compatibility with all existing Xbox One software and hardware.

Features[ | ]

  • Media inter-connectivity: presented as an all-in-one system, allowing users to jump to whatever type of media they desire instantly and seamlessly (music to movies to games, to television)
  • Kinect: responds to gestures, voice commands, and movements; An all-new active IR camera enables it to see in the dark. And using advanced 3D geometry, it can even tell if one is off balance.
  • Personalization: keeps track of what you like and presents it to you on your home screen; also remembers what you were doing last when turned on; can pin apps, movies, games, etc.
  • Cloud storage and "instant" updates; allows playing of media between Xbox One devices (starting on one, completing on another)
  • Features can be used within features, such as Skype video while watching a movie.
  • Multiple operating systems integrated and running together (Windows OS, "gaming OS")
  • Xbox SmartGlass now included. Allows wireless devices to work in conjunction with Xbox One.
  • Fantasy football: for those interested in fantasy football, Xbox is teaming with the NFL to provide real-world tracking of player stats, even when users are watching the game.
  • Smart Match for multi-player games is designed to match players internationally based on skill, language, and reputation.

Hardware[ | ]


The following is a list of known specifications.[1]

  • Eight-Core AMD CPU
  • AMD GPU tailored for DirectX 11.1 graphics
  • 32 MiB of high-bandwidth embedded ESRAM memory
  • 8 GiB System Memory (DDR3)
  • 500 GiB HDD: disc-based games are installed to the HDD automatically
  • Blu-Ray drive
  • 802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct
  • 1080p and 4K both supported; 7.1 surround sound
  • HDMI In and HDMI Out: Connect your cable or satellite box to your Xbox One. HDMI pass-thru enables you to watch TV through your Xbox.
  • USB 3.0
  • Kinect 2: bundled at launch; 250,000-pixel infra-red depth sensor and 1080p webcam

Launch titles[ | ]


According to IGN,[2] these games were the launch titles:

Backwards Compatibility[ | ]

Initially, the Xbox One was not compatible with Xbox 360 games, much to the disappointment of many fans. At E3 2015, however, it was announced that Microsoft would allow this service by allowing players to put their discs in the system and manually install it onto the hard drive via a download, but the disc would still be required to play that game. At least 100 Xbox 360 video games have been made backwards-compatible by developers since the November 2015 "New Xbox One Experience" system update.

Criticism[ | ]

During and after the revealing of the Xbox One many people were angered by the many restrictions and schemes, mainly but not limited to, "Always On" DRM, higher pricing than their competition (Sony), and the restriction imposed upon trading games. After this outcry, Microsoft rescinded many of these restrictions.

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