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{{SoftwareInfobox|name = YouTube Empire|altnames = YouTube Game|developer = Jacob Burtch|publisher = Jacob Burtch|status = In Development|predecessor = YouTube Simulation Project|genre = Simulator|platforms = Personal Computer|nonrelease = Android, IOS|version = 0.2.1|director = Jacob Burtch|producer = Jacob Burtch|designer = Jacob Burtch|composer = Jacob Burtch|programmer = Jacob Burtch|minos = Windows, Mac OS X, Linux|minram = >10 MB}}<blockquote>Youtube Empire is a North American Simulation Game set in the world of YouTube. In YouTube Empire, players can make videos of wide variety. Developer Jacob Burtch has been developing YouTube Empire For over one month. The release date hasn't been confirmed but some think it may be in September.</blockquote>
|developer = Jacob Burtch
|publisher = Jacob Burtch
|status = Unknown
|predecessor = YouTube Simulation Project
|genre = Simulation
|platforms = Microsoft Windows,macOS,Linux
|director = Jacob Burtch
|producer = Jacob Burtch
|designer = Jacob Burtch
|composer = Jacob Burtch
|programmer = Jacob Burtch
'''''YouTube Empire''''' is a simulation video game set in the world of YouTube. In YouTube Empire, players can make wide variety of videos. A release date hasn't been confirmed, and what initial information there was on the game has since been deleted from [[Game Jolt]], a website aimed at hosting indie video game developer creations. With no live page, the current development status of this video game is unknown.
==External Links==
* [ YouTube Empire] on [[Game Jolt]] (defunct as of August 13, 2016)

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