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Yun and his brother Yang in artwork from the crossover game Capcom vs. SNK 2.


Yun, along with his twin brother Yang, are characters in the Street Fighter III series. In Street Fighter III: New Generation, Yang has identical moves to Yun, but they began changing their respective styles in Street Fighter III: Second Impact and Street Fighter III: Third Strike.


  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • BWH sizes: B102, W73, H85
  • Blood Type: B
  • From: Hong Kong (stated as "From: Hong Kong" in SFA3, NOT birthplace)
  • Birthplace: Shanghai
  • Fighting Style: Kung Fu


Special Moves[]

  • Zesshou Hohou - Yun hops forward, a fist outstretched. This is a staple move among various kung fu practitioners in fighting games.
  • Senkyuutai - In New Generation, Yun (and Yang) rolls forward, dodging projectiles, and performs a handstand kick. In Second Impact, Yun foregoes the forward roll and instead kicks higher.
  • Kobokushi - A slow moving twin palm attack that nullifies projectiles.
  • Zenpou Tenshin - A grabbing attack that does no damage, but has Yun flip over to the enemy's other side, leaving him open for Yun to attack.
  • Raigeki Shuu - An aerial dive kick.
  • Tetsuzankou - New to Second Impact, Yun ducks forward and leans to strike the opponent with his shoulder. Also a staple kung fu move.

Super Arts[]

  • Tenshin Senkyuutai - Only in New Generation, Yun rolls forward, kicks the opponent up into the air, and follows with multiple kicks.
  • Sourai Rengeki - A series of multiple elbows and palms, ending in two spinning kicks. If Yun whiffs (misses) the second of the elbows, he will not continue his attack.
  • Gen'ei Jin - Yun concentrates and releases shadow copies of himself that trail him. This move allows Yun to effectively juggle the opponent with his attacks.
  • You Hou - Yun's high powered move, Yun opens with a knife hand, launches the opponent with a Tetsuzankou, and finishes with an upraised fist. This can be followed up further with other attacks as the opponent is falling down. This was not available in Street Fighter III: New Generation.


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