Yuri Lowenthal

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Yuri Lowenthal
Yuri Lowenthal.jpg
Biographical Information
Voice Actor, Producer and Screenwriter
Date of Birth
March 5, 1971
United StatesUnited States

Yuri Lowenthal is a video game voice actor.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lowenthal was born on March 5, 1971. Yuri had an exotic childhood, growing up not only within the United States but also throughout Africa and Europe. After a brief stint with the Japanese government, Yuri turned to acting full time and after several years in NYC, has recently relocated to LA.

He has performed throughout the world and is also an internationally produced playwright. Since moving to LA, he has continued to work in film, television, theatre and voice-over. Yuri is fluent in Japanese, French, and German and is trained in several martial arts including Wu Shu Kung Fu; he is an award winning Sumi-e painter and a published author.
(above text taken from Yuri Lowenthal's official website)

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