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Zelda's Adventure
Developer(s) Philips Media
Release date 1995 (NA)
Genre Action
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) N/A
Platform(s) CD-I
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Another one of those atrocious CD-I games that Zelda fans wish didn't exist. Instead of using terrible, grainy, animation like the other two CD-I games (Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon and Link: The Faces of Evil), this particular game used terrible grainy video. For both cut scenes and in-game sprites. Mortal Kombat style.

It should be noted though, that despite this, the game used the top-down view like the most of the other Zelda games, none of this side-scrolling hack & slash stuff the other games used.

Despite the abysmal quality of the game, its current rarity makes it something of a collector's item.

Items and weapons[]

Candles: Used to lighten dark rooms, but can only be used once each.

Compass: Guarded by each shrine keeper, compasses give the bearer the power to teleport to the shrine they were found in.

Harp: The harp can be used to teleport to the entrance of a shrine once inside.

Keys: These are used to open doors.

Life Potion: These blue potions restore life gauges.

Magic Shield: This magic shield can protect Zelda from enemy attacks.

Raft: Used to travel across water.

Repellent: Repellent is used to scare away Swamp Zolas.

Rupees: This is the currency of Hyrule/Tolemac. Rupees can be used to buy items, buy passage across the land, and to fuel magic spells. They can be found by defeating enemies.

Vial of Wind: Use this to move your raft when there is no wind.

Weapons in this game are actually spells that you enhance your wand with. Casting each one costs rupees, the quantity depends entirely on the strength of the spell.

Boomerang: A good weapon when you need to hit something from a distance. Oddly, this boomerang doesn't return.

Bow & Arrow: Another long-range weapon. More powerful than the boomerang against enemies.

Broadsword: A strong spell that shoots swords at enemies. Strong against Knights.

Calm: A spell able to calm the elements.

Dagger: A weak but fast spell from the "Great Magic Users".

Feather: A feather from Aviana, keeper of the Shrine of Air.

Firestorm: This powerful spell attacks enemies in all directions.

Gold Necklace: Calls upon the powers of accuracy and fire.

Hammer: Able to smash enemies with flying enemies.

Jade Amulet: One of the most powerful weapons.

Jade Ring: A weak weapon.

Joust: Slightly less powerful than the broadsword.

Noise: A weak spell, effective against creatures sensitive to sound.

Pyros: A spell that protects you from attack with a wall of fire.

Roar Stick: Great against larger enemies.

Short Axe: Once owned by a woodsman, but now lost in the woods.

Turquoise Ring: A powerful weapon, useful against many enemy types.