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Zombie Inc.
Basic Information
Company Type
Seattle, Washington (1994)
Spec Ops games
Video games
Key People
Mark Long, Founder / Co-CEO
Joanna Alexander, Founder / Co-CEO

Zombie Inc. is an American independent video game developer of console, PC, mobile and web-based games. It was formed in 1994 by Joanna Alexander and Mark Long, formerly of the Sarnoff Research Center. Alexander and Long founded Zombie after they completed the design of a virtual reality game console for Hasbro at Sarnoff in 1993. Since then, Zombie has designed and produced over 30 original games for worldwide distribution on virtually every major platform - from SEGA 32X to 64bit PCs. Zombie created a value label in 2005 - Direct Action Games - to design and produce value titles for both PC and consoles.

Zombie's titles span a range of product genres including first-person shooter, real-time strategy, puzzle, arcade, adventure, hunting, and simulation. Zombie develops for a wide variety of gaming platforms including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, PS2, Xbox, PCs, and mobile phones.

Zombie's publishing and distribution relationships include: Bethesda Softworks, Konami, Ubisoft, Activision, Atari, Microsoft, Disney, Real Networks, Novalogic, Take2, America's Army, Zango, Groove Games, Encore Software, Panasonic, Wild Tangent, Sony, BAM, Brash Entertainment, Mobliss and Ignition Entertainment.


Direct Action Games[]

Serious Games[]

Zombie was commissioned by the United States Military to co-develop a series of training and recruitment games. Some games were developed entirely by Zombie, some were co-developed with the U.S. Army Development Team, and others were co-developed with other game developers.

  • Americas Army: Special Forces (2003)
  • Future Force Company Commander (2006)
  • Virtual Army Experience
  • AH-64D Apache Simulator
  • Future Soldier Trainer
  • Convoy Trainer
  • JROTC First Aid Trainer

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