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Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs is an expansion pack released for the PC game Zoo Tycoon. It included dinosaurs and ice age creatures, as well as prehistoric themed items.


Dinosaur Digs includes 20 new prehistoric animals to choose from, including mammoths, sabre-toothed cats, and dinosaurs, as well as prehistoric-themed items and buildings. In addition, new types of electrical fences to accommodate the huge animals and prehistoric foliage have been introduced. In contrast to the regular animals, dinosaurs hatch from an egg and you need to employ a scientist to care for them. You also need to build a special building for dinosaur capture. Like in previous game, more extinct animals, foliage and better care for dinosaurs can be researched. Each of the animals comes as an egg, whereby a scientist is required to care for the egg, as well as the dinosaur once it hatches.


  • c- Cretaceous animal
  • j- Jurassic animal
  • t- Triassic animal
  • i.a. Ice Age animal


  • c Tyrannosaurus Rex- Grassland
  • c Spinosaurus- Coniferous Forest
  • c Styracosaurus- Deciduous Floor
  • c Iguanodon- Deciduous Floor
  • i.a. Giant Tortoise- Tundra
  • c Velociraptor- Coniferous Forest
  • c Ankylosaurus- Savannah
  • j Apatosaurus- Deciduous Floor
  • j Caudipteryx- Tropical Rainforest
  • j Allosaurus- Tropical Rainforest
  • t Coelophysis- Tropical Rainforest
  • j Plesiosaurus- Aquatic
  • j Stegosaurus- Coniferous Forest
  • j Kentrosaurus- Coniferous Forest
  • j Camptosaurus- Coniferous Forest
  • i.a. Woolly Mammoth- Tundra
  • i.a. Saber-toothed Cat- Tundra
  • i.a. Woolly Rhinoceros- Tundra
  • c Lambeosaurus- Coniferous Forest
  • c Gallimimus- Coniferous Forest
  • t Plateosaurus- Deciduous Floor

Bonus animals[]

  • i.a. Macrauchenia- Grassland
  • j Supersaurus- Coniferous Forest
  • Loch Ness Monster- Aquatic
  • i.a. Giant Ground Sloth-

Easter Eggs[]

  • c Triceratops- Savannah
  • c Deinosuchus- Aquatic
  • i.a. Dodo- Tropical Rainforest (not anymore but is on instructions now)


  • Dawn Redwood - Coniferous Forest
  • Arctic birch - Tundra
  • Silgaria tree - Savannah
  • Monkey Puzzle Tree - Grassland
  • Gingko Tree - Deciduos Floor