Codex Gamicus

The Zora are a native amphibious race of Hyrule and Termina. They make their home in Hyrule at the head of Zora River (a large river that connects to Lake Hylia). In Termina they are located in the Zora Hall in Termina Bay. Unlike other races, the Zora are capable of breathing underwater. They are, like many sentient races in Hyrule, capable of using magic. They use the magic to create a electrical field in the water when they are swimming to ward off and stun common predators in the water such as like-likes. Another ability the Zora's have is they can actually harden their fins and use them as boomerangs to hit enemies at a distance.

The Zora have a monarchy much like the Hylians in which they usually have a king or queen. Some noted Zora monarchy are King Zora (Ocarina of Time) and his daughter Princess Ruto who was the original water sage that helped lock Ganondorf away in his first official attack on Hyrule. Later in the Hylian timeline (Twilight Princess) we have Queen Rutella who was slain by Zant's minions when the Zora Kingdom was attacked. She was survived by Prince Ralis and they are both believed to be of the same bloodline of Princess Ruto.

The Zora culture worships the three goddesses of Hyrule, but other key religious figures play into the Zelda culture such as Lord Jabu-Jabu, the great ancient fish who appears in both Ocarina of Time and the Wind Waker. Jabu-Jabu's role is a mysterious one; some link him to the great ancient Wind Fish who is exalted in song first seen in A Link To The Past, and seen in Skyward Sword. Jabu-Jabu was the guardian of Nayru's Pearl in the Wind Waker.

The Zora generally have a link to the Goddess Nayru causing belief that they are one of the three original sentient races made by the Goddesses, the other two being Din's Gorons and Farore's Kokiri.